(Photo: Marine Group Boat Works)

MGBW Workers Complete In-house Welding Program

Marine Group Boat Works (MGBW), a family-owned boat repair and construction facility, is pleased to announce that 30 of its boatbuilders recently graduated from MGBW’s in-house Welding Certification Program. The Welding Program was launched in 2021 with support from a Small Shipyards Grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration (MARAD). In total, $859,250 was spent to develop the curriculum, secure an instructor, equip the welding classroom and…

Oslo Norway - October 19, 2019: Viking drakkar in the Viking Museum in Oslo Norway. Copyright warasit/AdobeStock

Insights from the 50th International Congress of Maritime Museums

For many, the ocean is life. It provides transportation, work, commerce, food, recreation—tales as old as time and shared by people across the globe. These stories are lived day to day, passed down between generations, and shared with the public through various media. Maritime museums assume responsibility to share these histories while honoring the communities shaped ocean exploration and commerce. In a decade where ocean health and climatic events have become a primary focus…

Image copyright Tim Marcour, courtesy Torqeedo

Berlin's 1990s-vintage Tour Boat is 'Electrified' with Torqeedo

Oranje Nassau, a 20-m, 55-passenger sightseeing boat and water taxi operating on Berlin’s urban waterways was recently put back into service after replacing its diesel engine with a fully integrated all-electric propulsion system by Torqeedo.The Torqeedo Deep Blue 50i electric drive is powered by three Deep Blue batteries with 120 kWh capacity which provide energy for a full eight-hour day at operating speeds, recharging from shorepower connections overnight at dockside.Buoyed by the performance of the electrified Oranje Nassau…

​​(La Dolce Vita on fire shortly after passengers and crew abandoned the vessel (top) and the yacht afire shortly after sunset on March 16, 2021 (Bottom). (Source: Captain of La Dolce Vita)​

Electrical Fire Destroys $3.9 Million Yacht

The engine room fire aboard a yacht was likely caused by an electric source within the sound enclosure for the starboard generators, the National Transportation Safety Board said Thursday.Marine Investigation Report 22/16 details the NTSB’s investigation of the March 16, 2021, engine room fire aboard the yacht La Dolce Vita while anchored near Marquesas Keys in the Gulf of Mexico. The crew unsuccessfully attempted to extinguish the fire. The crew of four and two passengers on board abandoned the yacht into the vessel’s tender boat. They were then assisted by two U.S. Coast Guard boats.

(Photo: Ingenity)

Ingenity Partners with Lumitec on the Fully Electric 23E

Ingenity, a division of Watershed Innovation, founded by Correct Craft in 2018 to develop and incubate new technologies, is partnering with Lumitec to supply the primary lighting for its fully electric 23E production model.Launched at this year’s Miami International Boat Show and winner of an innovation award the Ingenity 23 Electric is a zero emissions, 100% fully electric day boat. Based on Ingenity’s patent-pending modular “skateboard” platform the 23E uses forward-facing sterndrive propulsion to optimize safety, performance, and low-speed maneuverability.

(Photo: Propspeed)

Propspeed Reports 'Unprecedented Growth' in 2021

Underwater foul-release coatings company Propspeed announced Tuesday that its big investment in global expansion at the beginning of this year is paying off in a big way.The New Zealand-based company said it achieved "unprecedented growth" in 2021, including an expanded focus on the commercial maritime industry, despite the lockdowns and supply chain issues that have plagued recent history.“After navigating 2020 and the paradigm shift that occurred in how the industry as a whole does business…

(Photo: Suntex)

Suntex Acquires Seahaven Superyacht Facility

Marina properties owner and operator Suntex Marina Investors on Tuesday announced it has acquired Seahaven Marina located in Dania Beach, Fla.Broward County’s premier luxury protected harbor for superyachts, Seahaven Marina’s location offers an unparalleled yachting experience by land and by sea, Suntex said. Mere minutes from Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale International Airport, Seahaven provides easy, drawbridge-free access to the Atlantic Ocean for vessels up to 250 feet. The marina touts the region's most discreet and secure yacht harbor…

Richard Steady (Photo: Derecktor Shipyards)

Derecktor Shipyards Hires Steady as COO

Derecktor Shipyards announced on Thursday that Richard Steady will be joining the U.S. shipbuilding and repair company as chief operating officer.Steady has held many executive maritime positions prior to joining Derecktor. He began his career at Maritrans, the global shipping and transportation company, where he rose to the position of director of government and regulatory affairs. He also held key roles at marine construction and dredging operator Weeks Marine, where he was director of marine services…

(Image: Torqeedo)

Torqeedo Sets Up Direct Distribution in Norway

Electric propulsion and hybrid drives manufacturer Torqeedo said it ha established direct distribution in Norway to address the growing market for its systems in the region.Norway has a long tradition of seafaring and is a world maritime center for shipping, shipyards and maritime infrastructure, commercial fishing, offshore oil/gas, ferries, pleasure boats and a rapidly growing offshore wind industry.“Norway is a world leader in the movement toward electrification of land and water transportation…

(Image: IMTRA)

IMTRA Debuts New Side-Power Thrusters

IMTRA, manufacturer and importer of solutions and products for the marine, energy and transportation markets, introduced its new line of commercial-grade Side-Power thrusters designed for commercial vessels and larger recreational yachts. Available in four different tunnel sizes, the new products include proportional or on/off controls in AC-powered and hydraulic versions.Available in 12-, 16-, 20- and 24-inch tunnels, the new Side-Power thrusters provide up to 3,000 pounds force of thrust. Each unit is built with dual, counter-rotating, bronze five-blade props for durability and efficiency.

New Book: Steaming to Djibouti…My First Hitch on an Underway Replenishment Ship

The following excerpts are from the new travelogue by Captain Sean P. Tortora, titled, “Steaming to Djibouti…My First Hitch on an Underway Replenishment Ship.”  Join a motivated young merchant marine officer on his first journey onboard a venerable navy auxiliary steamship. Accompany him through the convoluted reporting for duty process through his truly surreal first tour onboard. Meet the oddball characters in the crew and follow their outlandish daily routine. Listen in to the truly jaw-dropping crew interactions.

Vessel in cradle pre launch. Photo Courtesy: Malin Group

IN THE YARD: Designing Ship Build and Transport Cradles

Transportation cradles are a key component in the build, transportation and launch of a ship and a suitable design can be fundamental in the success of these operations. Throughout their use they will support the various blocks and completed ship during construction, act as the interface between the vessel and SPMT’s (Self Propelled Modular Transporters) or barge, and ultimately support the ship during float off operations. The cradles are possibly the only item of equipment that will see the ship from very early stages of construction through until she is floating in the water.

Simon Judson (Photo: Peters & May)

Peters & May Appoints Judson as CEO

Marine transport and logistics provider Peters & May has appointed Simon Judson as its new CEO with immediate effect. A 20-year veteran of the marine industry, Judson previously held the position of Global Operations Director with the company. He joined the company in 2009 when Peters & May purchased Judson’s own marine logistics and yacht transportation company, Complete Freight.Based in the U.K. head office, Judson will oversee the company’s range of services currently delivered through 10 company offices and a network of global agents.

‘Galaxy of Happiness’ – a Jean-Jacques Coste design. © Fraser Yachts

Battery-Power Moves Ahead in the Yacht Sector

Yachts de Luxe (YdL) of Singapore placed a 10-year, $5 million contract with OXIS Energy to build the world’s first ever luxury boat to be powered by Lithium Sulfur (Li-S) cell and battery systems technology with a design range between 70 and 100 nautical miles at cruising speed.OXIS will work with YdL to design the new 40 foot luxury day boat which will carry a 400 kWh battery system comprising of Ultra Light, High-Power cells and a BMS. The design and manufacture of the cells modules…

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The Benefits of Sustainable Marine Lumber

Today’s marinas are held to a higher standard of environmental stewardship than in the past. No longer are they just responsible for the environmental impacts of their day-to-day operations, but also of their infrastructure and how it affects both the oceans, waterways and their delicate marine ecosystems. For these reasons, many marinas are being far more selective as to construction materials being specified for their expansion and/or restoration projects.One material that is rising to the top for its eco-friendly and performance attributes is sustainable marine lumber.

Photo: BATI Group

BATI Transports 2 More Yachts to Qatar

BATI, member of XLProjects, transportation team has picked up their pace with 2 more yachts shipped from TURKEY to QATAR. The shipment has been performed with flat racks from the port of Izmir to Doha. The yachts were an exact fit to a flat rack with a length of 12 meters. The yachts were 4 meters high and 4 meters wide with 20 tons each. The shrink wrapped beauties are loaded with caution and secured with proper engineering with lashing equipment’s.

SW/TCH Maritime Funds H2 e-Ferry

SW/TCH Maritime has announced its investment to construct and own the ‘Water Go Round’ e-ferry in collaboration with Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine (GGZEM).SW/TCH Maritime is a New York-based investment platform building the first fleet of zero-emissions maritime vessels in the US. GGZEM is a provider of turn-key hydrogen fuel cell power systems for ships.The 84-passenger e-ferry is currently under construction at the Bay Ship & Yacht shipyard in Alameda, CA using private funding from SW/TCH and a $3 million grant from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) through the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (Air District)…

Andy Scott (Photo: MCI)

MCI Sees Turnover by Quarter

Dorset, UK maritime company Marine Components International has increased turnover by a quarter in the last 12 months under new management.New deals in the superyacht and motor boat sectors across the UK and Europe have ramped up turnover to $1.76million, nearly double sales from two years ago at the company which provides distribution and technical support for a range of manufacturers.MCI managing director Andy Scott, who took over the Poole headquartered company in 2017, said…

Photos by Tom van Oossanen.

Dan Lenard crosses Atlantic on the world’s greenest sailboat.

Like another Italian explorer who set sail from Spain to discover a new world, Christopher Columbus, renowned superyacht designer Dan Lenard is making the same journey. However, Lenard is creating a whole, new world as he personally tries to change the marine industry, embarking upon a solo, transatlantic crossing using no hydrocarbons or electronics in his prototype sailboat, Vela 33.Without any technology - no GPS, no compass, no autopilot, no fuel, no engine, no battery and no generator -  Lenard will navigate the Atlantic solely by sight, stars and sun.